At Strive Marketing, We pride ourselves on understanding what our clients do to make an immediate impact. Our goal is to support our clients to implement a winning strategy, message, and value proposition backed by all the skills needed to create and complete campaigns to reach their target market. We combine divergent skill sets and services to develop the brand's big picture. By picking Strive Marketing, you choose to grow with an exciting new start-up in New York, where potential entrepreneurs can learn the skills and be inspired and nurtured.

Management Training Program

At Strive Marketing, continued growth and development are important for our firm and our team. When you join us, you will be given the opportunity to enhance your skills and knowledge through several growth programs; you'll receive the desired assistance in getting the expertise required for your new career. This training involves improving soft skills such as communication and empathy, which builds teamwork and connections with those you work with. Besides that, through a one-on-one approach, we capitalize on individual strengths, leading to excellent outcomes.

Where do you see yourself?

Entry Level Management

We are looking to hire someone to work with our marketing team to create and implement marketing plans and strategies for our clients. During training, you will increase brand awareness and sales by promoting products side by side with our trainers. You will work with our sales and marketing division to help achieve our clients’ goals and objectives, by communicating with buyers directly and tracking buyer feedback. To ensure your success, we give training that includes all aspects of our business operations. Our goal is to provide you with the tools to perfect the marketing craft while managing our business operations.

Great opportunities are ahead; start building the career you've always wanted; send us a cover letter and your resume to

Campaign Manager

Our team is looking for a Campaign Manager to plan, organize, execute and oversee various marketing campaigns for multiple products and services. The campaign manager's job will include monitoring and evaluating campaigns and measuring the ROI. As a part of the role, you will have to manage the team and have self-management skills. You will learn how to give constructive feedback to help people improve. You will work closely with the Marketing Manager on managing and schedules. You should be an excellent project manager and work well under pressure.

If you have everything required to be a Campaign Manager, send your cover letter and resume to

Assistant Manager

We are on the lookout for a new Assistant Manager to join our team at Strive Marketing. Your job will include training other team members. You will also ensure that the team follows and understands the company policies, solves client queries, leads the team, and organizes the team schedule. Your other duties include handling finances, P&L, hiring, and administration. To be the best match for this role, you should know how to resolve clients' grievances without escalating or offending a client. The willingness to give excellent client service and team mentoring is also a plus.

If you have everything required to be an Assistant Manager, send your cover letter and resume to

Marketing Manager

At Strive Marketing, we seek an innovative Marketing Manager to promote our clients' brands and services. As a marketing manager, you will be optimizing our marketing strategies, leading the marketing department's budget and staff, and providing forecasts. Your other duties include managing 1-15 events and day-to-day handling operations in another market. To excel in this role, you will need extensive knowledge of marketing strategies and identifying new business leads. An exceptional marketing manager will be someone whose expertise interprets into increased brand awareness and profitability.

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