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Our Founder, Brian Knott brings years of direct marketing experience to the table; he understands how to push the envelope for businesses to grow faster. As an industry leader, he leverages best-in-class methodologies and tools to help clients transform into leaders in their markets.
The name of our firm speaks about what we help our clients do. We'll skip the cliché business story of how we came to be, and we won't try to impress with over-complex marketing jargon. We are Strive Marketing, and our mission is to help our clients reach the next level. We keep our egos aside and drive each other to be the best marketers that we can be.

Our Values:
    • Honesty

    At Strive Marketing, we believe in the age-old saying - "honesty is the best policy". To uphold our commitment, we dare to ask for help and feedback whenever required. We are realistic and sensible about what we can and cannot do. We are honest to clients, applicants, co-workers and ourselves. We place honesty at the base of all we do, and it is the foundation from where we build our relationships.

    • Respect

    Solid relationships are an essential aspect of our company. We always show respect, interact with compassion, listen deeply, and express gratitude in our words and deeds. We sustain a sense of transparency in everything we do. That obligates us to tell clients when we believe an idea is not in their best interests. Keeping our words and our promises to clients demonstrates our integrity.

    • Loyalty

    We are dedicated to fostering and maintaining loyal relationships with both our clients and associates. At Strive Marketing, we are faithful ambassadors for our clients and people. We work collaboratively and cooperatively and treat others in a way we would want to be treated. Ultimately we aren't just building a business; we're building a close-knit family. We practice transparency and will always be honest with one another, our clients, and the buyers.

    • Gratitude

    We are motivated about creating lasting connections and valuable opportunities for personal and business growth. Established on excellence and gratitude, our team and clients are our brand's heart and soul. We are thankful for strong and consistent relationships with our clients and believe that growth happens on both sides of the equation when we execute it flawlessly.

Our primary focus has always been offering a fair, open, and family-oriented workplace. We follow an open-door policy as well, where we welcome everyone and listen to associates' inputs. Such actions drive people to contribute more, knowing that their thoughts will be considered and not disregarded. We succeed as a team, placing the business beyond division, department, or individual interests.

Together, all these characteristics make us who we are, why our people are involved, and why clients choose to do business with us. When you join Strive Marketing, you get much more than job role duties - a career and the freedom to be who you aspire to be. We want to ignite people's passion by providing growth in many shapes. ​

To learn more about our services and career opportunities, please send us a cover letter and your resume to

Current Entry-level Management & Marketing Job Openings:

  • Campaign Manager

  • Assistant Manager

  • Marketing Manager

Strive Marketing - Direct Sales and Marketing Company offers Entry-level Job Opportunities in Marketing, Sales & Business Management across Albany, Pittsfield, Hartford, West Hartford, Middletown, Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, Goshen, Hudson, Danbury, Waterbury, and the surrounding areas.

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